Software/Devops Engineer

Hi! I'm Kai Hong, a full stack developer who cannot escape the devops life. Currently making a difference for Singapore citizens at Govtech

Welcome  { person }  looking at my portfolio, I hope you find what you are looking for. You can reach me through my linkedin, or check out my other links.

Worked with: Golang Javscript/Typescript PHP React/Redux Ruby on Rails Spring Boot/Batch Vue/Vuex CouchDB DynamoDB MySQL MongoDB Postgres AWS Azure Ansible Argo CD Docker Gitlab CI Kubernetes/EKS Packer Terraform/Terragrunt Burp Suite Nessus MobSF PentestBox Needle

Govtech From 2019 to Present

Covid19 Efforts

From Apr 2020 to Present
  • Activities
  • SafeEntry NRIC: Set up of automated regression testing pipeline on Gitlab CI
  • SafeEntry NRIC: Set up automated versioning and introduced tag-release deployments
  • CovidSupportGrant: Set up initial IAM controls on GCC-AWS
  • CovidSupportGrant: Set up VPN to speed up development efforts

My Careers Future (MCF)

From Mar 2020 to Present

MCF is a jobs portal that focuses on the hiring of local professionals, managers, executives, and technicians (PMETs) in later stages of their careers.

Role Software / DevOps Engineer
Link MyCareersFuture SG
Tech Stack Typescript/Javascript, React, Golang, Gitlab CI, Ruby on Rails, Terraform/Terragrunt, Kubernetes, Gitlab CI, ArgoCD, AWS
  • Highlights
  • Designed/implemented mock server for 3rd party APIs
  • Designed/implemented API/infra to share MCF data with external parties
  • Designed/implemented infra for notification system on MCF jobseekers
  • Migration of MCF infra to Government Commercial Cloud

Citizen Disbursement System (CDS)

From Dec 2018 to Mar 2020

CDS is a backend heavy data processing system for assessing eligibility and allocation using a rule engine to disburse funds to citizens.

Role Software / DevOps Engineer
Link Internal System
Tech Stack Javascript, Golang, React, Java, Sprint Boot, Sprint Batch, Gitlab CI, Kubernetes, AWS, GCC
  • Highlights
  • Architected cloud infrastructure for AWS
  • Implemented IaC for all deployments
  • Automated versioning for all CI pipelines
  • Designed and developed file gateway for ingress/egress of files
  • Designed and implemented POC for frontend
  • Speed up CI pipeline by 60%

Graduated from Singapore Institute of Technology in 2019, my journey in the tech world began when I first saw my dad take apart a Pentium II computer. It left a deep impression, which lead me to pick up HTML as my first language at 12. The goal was to modify the Blogspot layout I had then, and I have been blogging rather consistently ever since.

Fast forward a few years, I've taken on numerous projects to perfect my craft of creating software. One notable project in school involved creating a CRM System for Fooyo Pte. Ltd using PHP and Bootstrap, it won the Jing King Tech book prize for being the most outstanding project.

In my free time, I took up freelance projects, some of which were from my university. It includes creating a code grading system, which will grade students' code submissions in a sandboxed environment as well as a Portfolio CMS for my professors. I've also developed and managed the WordPress website for Paperspace, an architecture firm.

Somewhere along the road, I considered switching to security and took on a one year internship at PulseSecure where I worked on real assignments pentesting various systems. Through the one year, I reaffirmed that my passion is in creating things and not breaking things!


From Jan 2018 to Dec 2018

Pulse secure is a CREST certified IT security consulting company that offers various services such as Audit & Review, Overall Consultation, Assessment, Training and Development

Role Associate Security Consultant
Link PulseSecure Pte Ltd.
Tech Stack Burp Suite, Nessus, MobSF, Pentestbox, Needle
  • Highlights
  • Pentested various web applications including MNCs and Government
  • Designed and developed a training management software for security awareness


From July 2017 to Oct 2018

Paperspace is a interior design company that creates beautiful open co-working spaces.

Role Web Designer
Link Paperspace
Tech Stack Wordpress, cPanel
  • Highlights
  • Web hosting setup and maintenance

Code Dr.

From Mar 2017 to Aug 2017

Code Dr. is a code grading system which will analyse and grade students' code submissions in a sandboxed environment

Role Software Engineer
Link Deprecated
Tech Stack Burp Suite, Nessus, MobSF, Pentestbox, Needle